Saturday, February 21, 2009

So faithful...

So this morning, I was just standing on the sidewalk waiting for runners to approach so I could point out the direction of the bobcat ramble course, when I thought to myself...this is a GREAT opportunity for some Jesus time. So I just spent a good 15 minutes or so just praying that the Lord would show me or teach me something cool today.
I've been saying that a lot lately, though...that I want the Lord to teach me something, but I realized this morning that I haven't really given Him a chance to show me anything. I've been drowning out His voice with anything and everything; not intentionally, of course, but mindlessly, nonetheless.
I believe God used that tiny moment just to show me that no matter what excuses I make up about not hearing His voice or not learning anything from him, HE remains faithful...I'm the one that's not. He is the UNCHANGING God, I, however, am constantly changing. For that, I am grateful. I cannot express enough how much it means to me that the Lord, OUR savior, is willing to give me chance after chance after chance. He is constantly molding me into the person He has created me to be. The fact that such a MAGNIFICENT, HOLY, BIG, POWERFUL God would be concerned about little ol' me is unfathomable.
I have known that for years, but I feel like it is one of those things that I have to constantly be reminded of, and every time I am, I am in absolute awe that God would care so much about US.
Anyways, onto the thing that God showed me today. No specifics, unfortunately, but the thing that God seemed to be showing me over and over again today was how He is working in other people's lives. That in itself makes me examine my own life and recognize the ways that the Lord is changing my life and my reasonings about certain things.
I am so excited to say that today really opened my eyes to God's power. It sounds so petty to say, but I am constantly underestimating His power. I have absolutely no reason to, but it is so very common for me to say that God can do anything (and THINK that I really believe it), yet when it is something that seems impossible, I subconciously find myself doubting that it will happen.
SO, my new goal is to STOP underestimating my God. He is mighty. He is the Creator of the universe, of YOU and Me, of grass and trees and flowers...of every animal that is not yet even discovered and all the ones that are...of the different types of clouds and all the colors of the sunset...everything. That is mindblowing. It's one of those things we are all taught in Sunday school and church, but it really is so great to be refreshed on that very surface-y topic.
Praise the Lord, my eyes have been opened to wonderful things.

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